Adam Carmichael

Recently, I have been amazed by a show on TV called ‘Wonders of the universe’. I am fascinated by science, so much so that I decided to study chemistry at university, but unlike many I have never felt that science and faith contradict each other. On the contrary, science never fails to open my eyes to the wonder and awesome power of God and his amazing creation. How can something so perfect and magnificent ever be an accident? I find that hard to comprehend. I often feel I have my deepest connection with God when I stare into the night sky, or wander through the hills of Northumberland where I live, and simply breathe in the beauty of it all. My heart just wants to sing.

The two recent sets of tuition videos I have filmed for worshipcorner, songs by Chris Tomlin and Tim Hughes, have been great fun doing. I love the thought of aiding God’s people to connect with him through great music and words that are full of truth and good news. There is a line from Tim Hughes’ song ‘God is coming’ which reads,

“Here You come, running to find me, King of the universe, yes our God is the God who saves.”

I find this staggering. The same God who created everything we see, loves and cares for little me more deeply than I could ever imagine or comprehend. He will never give up on me. He is running to find me, he longs to be with me! He has more thoughts about me than there are grains of sand (Psalm 17-18)!

I hope you enjoy learning these great songs and worshipping our God who deserves our highest praise.

Free worship songs from
Proclaiming the hope of Christ through music

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