Lisa Mowry

I’ve never been a very big fan of change. I’ve resisted it, hid from it, avoided it sometimes, until it inevitably finds me. “Change is like a vacation” I’ve heard someone say. Whatever change they are experiencing, I’d like some of that! Despite my interest in resisting change, I realize that it’s all around us. It is, the one thing, many say is constant in life. You can depend on the fact that things will change. This season will pass. Another will come. And it will be different.

I fell in love with the song One Thing Remains by Jesus Culture, because it reminds me that no matter how often things change, God’s love never changes. It always stays the same. It’s constant. It never gives up or runs out on you. How many things can we say that about in this day and age? Relationships change, jobs change, circumstances change, children grow up and move away, even the technology you use changes. But God’s love always stays the same steady love from day to day. It never leaves you.

I love how the song reminds us, “your love never fails, never gives up, never runs out on me….on and on and on and on it goes.” It continues to remind us that only this kind of love can truly satisfy our soul. May we constantly be reminded that change, whether good or bad, wanted or not, may lift us up or drag us down. But God’s constant and steady love is the one thing that remains. And this, is soul satisfying kind of love.

by Lisa Mowry

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