Ok it’s official – I have a short attention span. Sometimes I joke that I became a preacher because I’m not too good at listening to other people. After 18 years my wife is starting to get used to it – I’ve gone from one hobby to another, revelling in discovering new things and learning new skills but struggling to stay focused on one thing for very long. Maybe it’s the joy of the chase, or maybe I’m just plain fickle, but it gives me hope sometimes that there is one thing that stands in marked contrast for me.
I don’t know if you’ve seen the sun rise many times in life, but there are times when in the early morning the horizon just begins to glow with the promise of something really amazing. There’s no Sun in sight yet, but the sky simply sings with the promise of its imminent arrival. When the blazing disc finally appears, driving itself like a fiery wedge between the sky and land, it fills your vision and sets every sense tingling. Every time I see it, it re-establishes the same perspective in my heart – creation is amazing and I am very small, but oddly enough it has never had the effect of making me feel insignificant. If I’m honest sometimes it feels like the whole show was purely for my benefit.

I saw it one day as I was driving to work. The odd thing is that the sun had been up for at least an hour. I had just started exploring song writing and was humming a tune to myself as I drove out of town. My thoughts turned to God and I began to talk to him. I was telling him aloud about how amazing he was and how I had never known a love like His, and that’s when I saw it. His glory burst into my heart like the searing light of a thousand sunrises. I pulled the car over to the side of the road, and after sitting for ages awestruck, I scrabbled around for a piece of paper and pen and began to write.

I’ve been writing songs for years now, but when I write about God and his love in Jesus, I am never short of stuff to write about. 20 years on from that moment and he is still holding my attention, still gripping me with the promise of more to come, of deeper surprises, more intimate moments. I have a challenge for you. Sit back close your eyes and listen to this new download song by Repossess[BAND] and invite God to show you his love. When he bursts into your vision there is simply no room for anyone else – none but Jesus.

by Phil Kingham

Free worship songs from
Proclaiming the hope of Christ through music

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